Tools and Links

WvW Live Maps and Score <–HTML5

 GvG Leaderboards (See GvG section for power ranking thread)


Note: You must have the graphics on Windowed Fullscreen mode for the overlays to work and you need Microsoft Framework 4.5

This is my favorite overlay by monkey_that from reddit. His thread is here. It will update itself periodically when started.



Other overlays are here: (Now can be found here:

Map Position Tool

Details at

Must download client to work.

 GW2 Battle Stats

Supervisor timers for your G19.

Positional Audio

For Teamspeak:

For Mumble:


Official GW2

Guild Wars 2/Arenanet Twitch Stream

Guild Wars 2 Youtube channel:

Official Guild Wars 2 Blog:

Guild Wars 2 Official twitter:

 Patch notes


Wiki and Forum links

Devon Carvertracker

Dev tracker:

Official WvW Forum:

GW2 Wiki:

(type /wiki in game to open up the wiki in your default browser, ie. /wiki conditions)


Money Making




Money making blog:


Map Tools (PvE)

Temple Tracker:

Event / Dragon Tracker:

Ore tracker:

WvW Map by FoE:


Public Guild Missions (PvE)



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