BL: Borderlands, every map that isn’t Eternal Battlegrounds is a borderland. Blue BL is the borderland for the server that is blue (meaning the server that spawns in citadel is blue).

EB: Eternal Battlegrounds

Vale: Redvale, Bluevale, or Greenvale. Always in the southwest of the map.

Garri: Garrison, the center keep in every borderland.

Hills: The east keep in every borderland.

Bay: The west keep in every borderland.

Lowlands: The southeast camp in every borderland.

Spawn: Entrance to the map. When the commander says to port there, port to your spawn. Every spawn has three exits.

Cata spot on hills: Outside west outer wall of Hills keep. (anywhere around there)

Cata spot on Briar: Under the bridge of the southwest tower on any borderland.

Cata spot on bay: This could be the southern outer wall of bay keep, or the inner west wall of bay, or the wall by water entrance on outer east wall.

Watergate: Garrison Keep has a very popular gate accessed by an abovewater cave at the southside of the keep. Every keep in EB has underground entrances that are also referred to as watergates. Bay keep also has a water entrance, but it is a wall that must be catapaulted or trebucheted down and is not a gate.

Ruins: The area in between the southwest and southeast towers of the borderlands maps. Also may refer to the general area in the center of a borderlands map.

Lord’s Room: The room that houses the keep or tower lord.

Treb spot: A place where trebuchets are regularly built. You will learn them, and they are almost too numerous to count. Stonemist has trebuchet spots that can hit every tower surrounding Stonemist.

Altar: Every keep in a borderland has an altar in the lords room which used to be used for holding a now defunct orb feature. In Bay, it is in the north side of the lord’s room; in Garrison it is the east side of the lord’s room, and in Hills keep it is in the upper east part of the lord’s room. They were removed, but may still be referenced for location.

General Terms

WP: Waypoint. Shift click to link it in chat.

GvG: Guild vs. Guild. Usually takes place below the south camp in a borderland. Don’t disturb them, but you can watch from the hill at the most south if you would like.

Zerg: A very large group of players. Also known as a blob. Blobs are typically larger than zergs depending.

Map blob: A group of enemies that is so large that it includes every person of the enemy force that is on the map.

Scout: Someone who volunteers to scout a location for a period of time to refresh siege and watch for enemies. Good scouts say how many of the enemy is where and what server they are on and where they are going and what siege they are building.

Trebs: Trebuchet

Cats: Catapaults

AC(s): Arrow Carts

Sups: Superior siege. ie, “Three sups in the lords room.” Usually refers to arrow carts.

Timer: When people are asking for timers they are asking for either a timer on supply camp supervisors or waypoint timers. When a keep is in combat, the waypoint cannot be used. If you are in the keep, you can check the timer for when the waypoint is open in the top right of the screen under defend the keep event. Only damage to walls or a door can keep a keep or tower under attack.

This waypoint will be open in 2:46 according to the timer.

This waypoint will be open in 2:46 according to the timer.

Reset / Reset Night: On Friday night, the match ends and the new match begins. This occurs at 9 pm EST for NA servers and the European servers reset at 6 PM UTC (18:00, and 14:00 UTC -4).

Roamer: Someone who is running around the map solo or in a small group.

Tagging: Damaging something to get credit for loot or to get a keep or tower in combat.

Yak / Doly: Dolyak. Provides all supply to towers and keeps. Will provide 70 or 140 supply to a keep and half that to a tower if it successfully reaches them from a supply camp. It will only give double supply if the camp is upgraded.

Stacks / Stacking weapons: Certain sigils allow you to buff your character for every kill. Once you reach the maximum 25 stacks of the buff, you can swap it to another weapon and retain the buff until you go down or switch maps. It also refers to the Defense against Guards wxp upgrade which gives bonus fortitude for killing enemy npcs. Sigil of Bloodlust gives 10 x 25 power, Sigil of Corruption gives 10 x 25 condition damage, Sigil of Life gives 10 x 25 healing power, and Sigil of Perception gives 10 x 25 precision.

Paper gate: Wooden, Unupgraded gate.

Paper walls: Wooden, Unupgraded walls. If it has paper walls then it will always have paper gate.

Aggro: Hostility of an NPC. If someone aggroed a champion lord, then they are under attack by the lord.

T1: Tier 1 not upgraded. Also may refer to tier 1 server(s) which is the top 3 servers in the leaderboards for NA and EU.

T2: Tier 2 upgraded. Reinforced walls on keep, may or may not have reinforced doors.

T3: Tier 3 upgraded.  Fortified tower or keep.

Inc: If someone says inc or incoming in chat, then watch out! An enemy force may hit any second or enemy trebuchet fire. Always look around and be ready to react when you have warning.

Stack on me: Stacking is gathering players in one tiny place. Sometimes this is used to hide numbers, other times it is used to ambush, and it can also be used by commanders to check supply of the group. Many times people will stack for buffing with firefield blasting or waterfield healing.

Might buffs: Guardians can use empower, and others can blast fire fields to give five nearest people aoe might boons within 360 radius. Get close and blast.

Skill lag: Skill lag is when you can’t cast your skills or they have a severe delay upon request to cast. This usually happens when zergs are having a threeway battle and the whole map lags. Usually, after a long time of skill lag the server will “catch up” and your skills will cast half as long as normal for a few minutes. During extreme bouts of skill lag, you may not be able to do anything but cast auto-attack and boons and conditions may last a long time. It will also take longer to cap a circle because the server is going slower. By default it should always take 10 seconds to take a circle objective (not counting bloodlust objectives).

Capping: If you are taking an enemy sentry point, tower, supply camp, or keep and you stand in the circle of power to take control of the objective then you are capping the point. If you are fighting in a lords room and an enemy is capping a point then you must remove them or forfeit the structure.

Contest: If you are defending an objective from an enemy force, then you can contest their attack by standing on the point. They cannot take the objective until you are removed from the point. You cannot contest while invulnerable or stealthed. Contesting also refers to contesting a keep or tower by hitting the door with any attack that does damage which disallows waypoints to any keeps with a waypoint.

Blast: Blast finishers will have different effects depending on the field. See the official wiki here for details. Many people blasting a field at once will have large effect.


Static: Static Field. When a commander calls for a static field (a commander may specify which ele) the elementalist should be either casting a static field for speed buffs on the commander or casting a static field on the enemy group. Blast the static field for group swiftness.

Ret / Retaliation: Retaliation. When a commander calls for retaliation, stack up and cast a light field and blast it. This gives you and your allies retaliation. Retaliation is very good versus ranged and melee alike because it cannot be mitigated.

Fire field: Fire fields apply might to yourself and allies for 20 seconds if blasted. So, many times a commander will ask for fire fields to be blasted before an engagement.

Water field: Water fields heal your allies and yourself when blasted, so many commanders ask for waterfields on regroups in a fight in order to heal up the group. Blast them! You may also hear”big water” or “water 5″ which means that an elementalist has casted the spell and is letting people know when to blast it for healing.

Death Wall / Spectral Wall: This is called by the commander for necromancers. If you run through it, it will give you protection and if an enemy runs through it then they are feared away from the necromancer. Some guilds employ both a defensive and offensive spectral wall for starting the fight with protection and disrupting the fight.

Pulls: If a commander is calling for pulls, then he or she wants you to try and pull enemies. This helps disrupt their casting and is also used to pull them off walls. Others may also callout “Pulling!” or “Pulled them!” if a guardian successfully pulled some people and want them to be killed while they are stacked. Mesmers are the best for pulling enemies because they can pull many people off walls at a time, and they have good range for it.

Light Field: Light fields cause retaliation boons for you and your allies on blast, so if it is called then put down a light field and blast.

Empower: Guardians can empower, but it is a channeled spell. If empower is called, then huddle close to get buffed up with might.

Banner: Commanders or players may ask (or beg) for a War Banner, which is a warrior elite spell that ressurects a fallen enemy. Many guilds implement an order in which they use banners so that they don’t all use them at once. Banners may also refer to guild banners such as a hero’s banner that gives magic find and other buffs.

Veil: Veils are used by mesmers to momentarily stealth friendly players that pass through their veil. When commander’s call for a veil, it means they want a veil cast in front of their position and your force will pass through it prior to attacking the enemy. It looks like a purple line on the ground.

Stability: If a commander calls for stability, that means you should be prepared for enemy crowd control. Use a spell that grants you stability or be prepared to walk around enemy crowd control spells such as guardian walls and necromancer’s death walls.

Timewarp: Another mesmer spell that is called or called out to give teammates quickness which increases their attack speed for all spells. Timewarp works on golems attacking gates, workers upgrading towers and keeps, and all friendly player’s spells- but it doesn’t work on siege other than golems.

Hammer Stun: Warriors use their F1 ability to cast Earthshaker when they have a hammer in hand. This is known as a hammer stun and is called out by players to let their commander know that the enemy is stunned. It is particularly useful because it is an aoe stun and a blast finisher.

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