Siege Supply Facts

Siege is affected by


 Condition duration (for burning, bleeding, chilled, and poison attacks)

Condition damage (for burning, bleeding, and poison attacks)

Rune of the Traveler x 6 for 25% additional movement speed in Golems

Rune of the Scholar x 6 for 10% additional damage (not conditions) while above 90% health.


Siege supply requirements


 Arrow Cart: 30 supply
Superior Arrow Cart: 40 supply
Guild Arrow Cart: 40 supply (equal damage to Superior Arrow Cart)

Ballista: 30 supply
Superior Ballista: 40 supply
Guild Ballista: 40 supply (equal damage to Superior Ballista)

Catapault: 50 supply
Superior Catapault: 60 supply
Guild Catapault: 25 supply (equal damage to normal Catapault) (If bought with guild influence, it has a 10 minute cooldown upon placement/activation)

Trebuchet: 100 supply
Superior Trebuchet: 120 supply
Guild Trebuchet: 120 supply (equal damage to Superior Trebuchet)

Alpha Siege Golem: 100 supply
Omega Siege Golem: 150 supply
Guild Siege Golem: 50 supply (15 min cooldown for dropping / activation when bought with influence) (Equal damage to Alpha siege golem)

Flame Ram: 40 supply
Superior Flame Ram: 50 supply

Superior Siege is created in the mystic forge with these recipes:

supacsuperior arrow cart

Superior Arrow Cart: 2 normal Arrow Carts, 5 Elder wood, 5 Mithril, one Siegemaster’s guide from Miyani.

supbalsuperior ballista

Superior Ballista: 2 normal Ballistas, 5 Elder wood, 5 Mithril, one Siegemaster’s guide from Miyani.

supcat  superior catapault

Superior Catapault: 2 normal Catapaults, 5 Elder Wood, 5 Mithril, one Siegemaster’s guide from Miyani.


Omega Siege Golem: 5 Alpha Siege Golems, 10 Elder Wood, 10 Mithril, 3 Siegemaster’s guide from Miyani.

supramsuperior ram

Superior Flame Ram: 2 normal Flame Rams 5 elder wood, 5 mithril, one siege siegemaster’s guide from Miyani.

suptrebsuperior treb

Superior Trebuchet: 2 normal Trebuchets, 10 Elder Wood, 10 Mithril, one Siegemaster’s Guide from Miyani.

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