Beginner’s Guide to Roaming and Havoc Groups

What is roaming?

Roaming is when you and your group work together to cause havoc on your map in order to delay and annoy your enemy. It involves taking camps, killing dolyaks, and contesting objectives as well as small group pvp. I highly recommend using an overlay to see camp timers.


Professional roaming cats.



Small things roamers can do that have a large impact:

  • Use Supply traps on zergs that are short on supply.
  • Take important or fully upgraded supply camps.
  • Repair or build important siege weapons for defense.
  • Contest keeps and towers to keep the enemies busy searching.
  • Report and tail large enemy forces.
  • Kill players that are reinforcing keeps and towers.
  • Destroy enemy siege.
  • Assassinate yaks.

Where should I go?

Where there are sails, there is wind. That being said, you can help your server in a number of ways, regardless of how few people you have. In many situations, your roaming strategy will change depending on what is happening on the map. Below I will examine what strategies can be implemented by a roaming party in different scenarios.

Whenever you have a plan to do something, be ready to change plans to help defend your own spawn camp from enemy roaming groups. If you see white swords at your spawn camp, pay attention to map and team chat to see if you are needed. If you see an enemy zerg, report the size and direction of their movement.

If your server loses every Bloodlust Buff, then getting it back should be a high priority. If a server is taking the Bloodlust from your server on your map, then it is a race against time to neutralize the points so enemy servers do not hold three points at once. It is much easier to keep Bloodlust than to take it, so pay attention to status of your map’s Bloodlust in the top right of your screen.

Here are a few scenarios that showcase some basic strategies for different situations. These strategies can be adapted to Eternal Battlegrounds, but be aware that you can’t control the Bloodlust Buff in EB.

 Scenario 1: Your server is on the offensive and attacking Garrison.

Response: Take north camp. North camp is usually very easy to defend and very hard to take because of how close it is to spawn. If you can take it while the server owning it is distracted, then you can take a huge amount of potential supply away from them. If several enemies come to defend the camp, then you have successfully weakened their defense in Garrison.

If the Garrison is full supply, then supply camps and yaks will not mean as much. In this case, try to cut off player reinforcements that are running to defend Garrison. You will find them dropping off the cliffs near northwest tower and northeast tower. Try to pick them off one by one and taking easy targets as fast as possible. Retreat when you need to.


Scenario 2: Your server is on the offensive and attacking northwest or northeast towers.

Response: Contest Garrison. Contesting Garrison is most important when it has a waypoint because it stops reinforcements from getting to Garrison easily. This is important because if it has a waypoint then it probably has a stockpile of supply.

If your server is attacking northeast tower, then a trebuchet on garrison will nullify catapult attacks on the southern wall of the tower. This can be killed with AOE, but it will be harder to hit if properly placed on the supply depot.

Again, north camp is a prime target for attacking while the defending server is busy.


Scenario 3: Your server is on the offensive and attacking Bay keep.

Response: If Bay is under attack, then roaming groups can try and snipe yaks coming from vale camp, however the camp itself is usually hard to take when defending players are streaming through it to defend bay. If Bay has lots of siege on the outer walls, then you might want to help your server by clearing the siege from the inside once it is open.


Briar tower is also a suitable location for attack while the server is busy at bay. If you can gather enough supply or the tower is unupgraded, then you may be able to take the tower through the wall under it’s bridge via a superior catapult or through the door with rams. Your primary objective is to pull defenders and their supply away from Bay with this strategy. Northwest camp should also be taken so as to deprive supply from Bay.


Pick off players running to bay or inside bay. Bay has a long walk to the inner gates it has a large amount of room inside to maneuver in between the outer and inner gates.


Scenario 4: Your server is on the offensive and attacking Hills Keep.


Hills is the toughest keep to take on borderlands maps, so it is important to weaken it’s defensives as much as possible by starving the keep of supply. The lowlands camp is the lifeblood of the keep, so if you can take out the yaks coming from it or take the camp itself then it will be a huge blow to the income of hills. Be aware that is incredibly close to the enemy’s spawn point and you will need to take it fast before you are noticed.

Taking northwest tower and cutting off yaks to hills is also invaluable support.


Again, killing enemies that are rallying to hills is a great help to your server. Every one of those people going to hills could have supply to make more arrow carts or other siege to fight off your server, so it helps greatly to kill them before they get to Hills. If there are too many enemies to take on, then you can retreat into the water north of the lowlands camp.


Scenario 6: Your server is defending or being passive.


Response: Maintain control of the supply camps and harass and take other supply camps. Check the supply on enemy towers and keeps. If enemy structures are upgrading, then deny yaks and keep them contested from time to time.


The more structures you contest, the more scout reports the enemies need to relay. If there is a large enemy blob, try to keep tabs on it and report to the commander. Prevent the enemy from taking the Bloodlust Buff, but don’t sacrifice your home supply camp. Drain enemy zergs of supply by using supply traps. Keep regular scout reports going to your commanders. If you have overwhelming control of the map, then you might want to think about changing maps where you can be a more valuable addition to the team.



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