12 Things I Wish New WvW Players Would Do 2

Refresh Siege

Every piece of siege and blueprint has a decay timer for when it will despawn which changes once interacted with. Blueprints have a 2 minute timer of despawning until they get any number of supply, then they get a 10 minute despawn timer. Rams have a 15 minute despawn timer and all other siege has a one hour despawn timer. Keep/tower siege like cannons, mortars, and oil do not have despawn timers.

To refresh siege, simply interact with it and interact again to get off the siege. You can check the timer by hovering over the buff the siege has in the top of your screen like the screenshot below. Please refresh any siege you see while you are scouting or running through or when you have nothing to do.



Get on Teamspeak, Ventrilo, Mumble, Raidcall

Nothing is more infuriating to a commander trying to lead people that refuse to get on the server’s VOIP. You can open more than one client or additional tabs in teamspeak if you want to be connected to your own guild’s server at the same time so there is no excuse. It is especially important if your commander is maphopping a lot or directing combat.


Don’t use bad armor.

If you die, then you will rally any enemy that is downed and tagged you. Because of this, it is important to not die. If you go into WvW with a fresh lvl 80 character in rare and green armor, then you will probably be a weak asset to the team in every respect and might become a burden for everyone else. Get exotic armor, good runes, and a stacking sigil with good weapons.


Don’t stray from the group while moving.

“Don’t chase rabbits while hunting deer.” Your job in a team is to move and attack as a team, so if you are stopping at every sentry, or chasing any enemy you see run by, then you are distracting yourself and falling behind which hurts the team. The last thing a commander wants to see behind him or her is a long line of players hopping along. Keep it tight!


Give accurate enemy reports.

Good report: 35 JQ, X guild at South Outer Hills, 2 sup rams, door 90%

Bad report: JQ at hills

Give a location, general enemy count, and siege count at the least.


Don’t talk over the commander or argue while fighting.

Whether you are lagging or the group is wiping- it is not the time to tell everyone about it during a fight. Don’t interrupt your commander while they are giving orders or you will interrupt their train of thought and slow down their orders.

Tell someone when you are done scouting and volunteer to scout.

Scouting is when you volunteer to scout a keep or tower and it is your job to refresh siege there and report on enemy movements nearby. When you can’t do that any longer, then contact whoever stationed you there or tell people on VOIP or on map chat that you have t leave soon and you won’t be able to scout the location anymore. It is very frustrating for commanders to not know that their scout has left the location because they didn’t feel like telling them when they logged off.

Think before you build.

If someone throws a ram build site in the middle of nowhere, don’t build it. If someone is trolling by throwing ballista build sites on a gate while you are sieging it with rams, then don’t build them. Look at what you are building and don’t be afraid to ask if you should build a certain siege item. Sometimes people will try to help by throwing down normal siege when a commander will throw down superior siege- pay attention to what your leader is putting down and build that, and not what others build unless it makes sense. Build superior siege before normal siege.


Contest enemy waypoints.

Any damage to a door or wall will contest a keep or tower. Keeps can get waypoints, so they get contested by any player then no one can waypoint to it. To contest, just hit a door with any damage attack and run away and after 30 seconds it will become contested and it will remain so for 3 minutes. If a keep is constantly contested, then you can only use the waypoint once the defend event for the keep ends for a brief few seconds.

Below, you can see that the Red Keep is uncontested and enemies can use the waypoint, while the Blue Keep is contested and enemies cannot waypoint to it. You can tell at a glance by looking at the white swords on the blue circle icon that are not on the red icon. If you mouse over the red/blue/green circle icon for the keep or tower then you will see the name of the objective or it will say “Under Attack” as it does in the second screenshot.





 Push with your commander and do not stand still.

If I could give one piece of advice to every newbie in World vs. World, it would be to never stand still in combat. If a zerg is charging you, then your commander and your group needs to be moving forward and not backpedaling. Either you turn around and run in the opposite direction or you run through and change positions. If you are in a corridor and your commander goes in, then you and the rest of your group had best follow. The #1 reason for dying is being an easy target that isn’t moving or standing in a meat grinder choke. If you are afraid, then you need to realize that the enemy is just as afraid of you as you are of them. Don’t be a coward! Get on your commander and get into the fray!

Blast fields and give boons to allies.

Almost every class has a reliable blast finisher and some fields, if you aren’t sure what yours are then check out the gw2 wiki’s list here. The most important fields are water, fire, and static fields. When you are about to go travel a long distance, then you can throw down a static field for the group and blast for group swiftness. If you are stacked with your group and about to attack the enemy, then a quick fire field blast can buff everyone up. During combat large water fields are precious fuel for the longevity of the group and small water fields are important for mid-combat regroups on your commander. Blast them all if you can! If you are using these fields, then don’t cover them with light fields or dark fields- I’m looking at you- Guardians.


Don’t repair or take supply when supply is limited.

Sometimes when your keep is getting sieged, the most common reaction is to repair. However, most of the time the supply would be better used for making siege to defend the keep and kill the enemy siege weapons. If a wall is being trebucheted, then repairing the wall will only delay the inevitable- the best course of action is to let the wall go down or kill the enemy siege before it goes down and repair after the Trebuchet is destroyed.

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    Fyi, your keep screenshots are a little confusing to new players, since the wp in both is contested, even though the red keep is not. Suggest getting a screenshot of red keep with the wp uncontested.