Leagues are coming. October 18

What do we know?

Everything we know about the new leagues system comes from this blogpost and this followup blogpost.

Important quotes:

“Each world will be matched up with each other world in their league at least once over the course of the season.”


“At the conclusion of the season, the worlds will be ranked in order of the total number of points they’ve acquired and all players who have completed the season long meta-achievement will be given prizes based on that ranking.”


“At the end of every matchup of WvW players will receive one, two, or three bonus chests depending on their server’s performance.” + “This is a permanent addition to WvW and will continue regardless of whether a season is active or not.”


“In the case of North America, the top six worlds will comprise the gold league … over a seven week period”


“The silver and bronze leagues will be made up of nine worlds each…”


“The winning world in each league will unlock a stack of supply dolyak finishers for their use in WvW and PvP. 1st place in the gold league will get a gold dolyak, 1st place in the silver league a silver dolyak, and 1st place in the bronze league a bronze dolyak.”


  • Every match will reward people with rank up chests, 3, 2, or 1. This applies to non-league matches. You must rank up to get the chest.
  • There are three leagues for NA and three leagues for Euro servers with the top 6 servers composing the first league.
  • Rewards: Dolyak finishers, gold, silver, and bronze. You must complete the meta achievement to get the rewards.
  • Every server will fight every server in their league. This means that their rank may not mean as much in future matchmaking. See here for how matchmaking is currently implemented.


How will it affect me and my server?

What the league system means, is that the matchups will be handed out in a different variety than what we have been seeing. Right now, we play matches with servers matched against us based on their record- with a twist that randomizes it a bit, so we might face servers with many ranks below. In the future, we are guaranteed to play against every server in our league. This means that there will be many matches where servers face servers that they never fought before due to their disparity in ranks. We have already seen many guilds move from lower ranked servers to higher ones. We have also seen many guilds move to top servers of the predicted leagues. We should also see a lot of people playing for achievements which means there will be a large influx of PvE players in WvW over time which may help stabilize some lopsided matches if they care about winning. Overall, I predict that there will be more lopsided matches than we have ever seen before.

Possible Server Leagues Based on Mos.Millenium Predictions

If leagues started now, this is what it might look like.


Gold League North American Servers Gold League European Servers
Sanctum Of Rall Seafarer’s Rest
Blackgate Vizunah Square
Jade Quarry Riverside
Tarnished Coast Piken Square
Sea of Sorrows Elona Reach
Fort Aspenwood Jade Sea
Baruch Bay
Silver League Stormbluff Isle Augury Rock
Maguuma Kodash
Ehmry Bay Silver League Abaddon’s Mouth
Crystal Desert Desolation
Borlis Pass Gandara
Yak’s Bend Aurora Glade
Isle of Janthir Miller’s Sound
Kaeneng Gunnar’s Hold
Fort Ranik
Bronze League Northern Shiverpeaks Underworld
Darkhaven Far Shiverpeaks
Henge of Denravi
Sorrow’s Furnace Bronze League Drakkar Lake
Ferguson’s Crossing Dzagonur
Erodon Terrace Ring of Fire
Devona’s Rest Blacktide
Gate of Madness Ruins of Surmia
Anvil Rock Arborstone
Fissure of Woe
Whiteside Ridge

Leaked Achievements!

Miazara posted these on reddit and I thought I would share. If you search in your achievement panel for Premier Season Veteran then you can see these achievements.

  • (meta) Premier Season Veteran (50 points, 1 season 1 chest key, title, requires to complete 15 ‘WvW Premier Season’ achievements
  • (semi meta) WvW Dawn of the Season (start the first season wvwvw, 1 tier, 0 points)
  • Season Mists Defender Restores (4 tiers, 10/150/300/500 repairs done, requires dawn of the season)
  • Mists Invader Defender (1 tier, 10 invaders killed, requires dawn of the season)
  • World Ranker (4 tiers, 1/15/30/50 wvw ranks gained, requires dawn of the season)
  • Mists Merc Camp Vanquisher (same requirement, 4 tiers, 1/15/30/50 mercenary camps taken)
  • Sapphire Leap in the Mists (complete blue bl jp, same requirement)
  • Emerald Leap in the Mists (complete green bl jp, same requirement)
  • ObsidianLeap in the Mists (complete eb jp, same requirement)
  • Garnet Leap in the Mists (complete red bl jp, same requirement)
  • No Tower to High (same requirement, 5 tiers 1/5/10/20/30 towers taken)
  • Castles in the Air (same requirement, capture 5 stone mist castles taken, 1 tier)
  • The Keep is the Thing (same requirement, 3 tiers, 1/5/10 keeps taken)
  • Camp Crusher (same requirement, 5 tiers, 1/25/50/75/100 supply camps taken)
  • Supplies Severed (same requirement, 5 tiers, 1/50/100/150/225 supply caravans destroyed)
  • Sentry Capturer extraordinaire (same requirement, 5 tiers, 1/35/85/150/225 sentry captured)
  • Guard Slayer (same requirement, 5 tiers, 1/100/200/350/500 guards killled, thanx to RandomBrasilian)
  • Demolition Expert – (4 tiers, 1/10/30 walls or gates destroyed, thanx to Mallechos)
  • Master of Ruins – (4 tiers, 1/15/30/50 ruins captured, thanx to Mallechos)
  • Big Spender (1 tier, 250 badges of honor spent, thanx to Mallechos)
  • Advanced Mists Invasion Defender (requires Mists Invasion Defender, 3 tiers, 50/200/450 enemy invaders killed)

Thoughts on Leagues

I am sad to see that this is the direction Arenanet is going because it looks like we are going to see many lopsided matches across the board. The servers in the lower parts of their tier will be hardpressed to compete, and will likely empty out of hardcore WvW players prior to the season start. The prizes themselves sound lackluster so far. I haven’t seen much positive feedback on the system, besides players that are excited for new achievements which unfortunately promote zerging over anything else. Overall, I am glad that Arenanet is actually making changes to WvW, but I just can’t understand why they thought that any of this system was a good idea. Sure, rotating achievements helps get people into WvW, but this wasn’t the huge problem that we faced. Most of the huge problems in WvW were already stated in their own offical blogpost. I can only hope that they throw in some more tweaks to the league system before it goes into place, because if it doesn’t then we may see seven weeks of poor matchups and achievement point trains.



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