World versus World Frequently Asked Questions

Visit terminology page for WvW specific terms http://wvwstrategy.net/terminology/

What color is my team?

Press B to open up your WvW tab and it should have three server names on top and you can see your server with a color that denotes your server’s color. It will also have a house icon next the name that says “This is your home world” if you hover your mouse on it.

Do waypoints cost money in WvW?

No. It’s all free! Death is pretty cheap in this game in comparison to others.

Are repairs free?

If you have the outnumbered buff, then you will not suffer any armor loss. However, repairs always cost a little money.

When is reset?

9 PM EST / 6 PM PST (server time) for North American Servers

6 PM UTC (18:00) for European Servers

Reset happens when everyone is kicked out of WvW and then the scoreboard resets to 0. While the scoreboard is updating, everyone spams f on the portals in Lion’s Arch to get into the new match as fast as possible. Every week there are semi random matchups based on server ratings.

 Should I be level 80?

Yes and no. You can enter WvW and help out at any level, but typically you will not find equal encounters (or balanced encounters) at any level but level 80. Scaling will allow you to have fairly competitive gear, but only if you have the very best gear for your level, and since level 80 players have the most traits available they have a good advantage. Lowbie players can however, build siege, fire siege, repair, scout, and cap points just as much as any other player if they know when and how to do it.

How do I build siege?

You need a siege blueprint to build flame rams, ballistas, catapaults, trebuchets, arrow carts, and golems. You can buy blueprints from the siege vendor with silver or badges(second tab on vendor). To use the blueprint, double click it and your skill bar will be replaced with two skills – one to throw the build site for building, and the other for putting it back in your inventory. To use it for building, equip and use the first skill and aim in the direction you want it to face and place it where you want it to be placed. Siege can be placed on edges if need be. Be sure to read the tooltips of the blueprints for information on their supply requirements. Upon placing the siege site on the ground, you have 2 minutes to give it supply (via your action button) before it despawns. You can see the despawn timer on the top of the siege (a blue buff). The person who puts down the build site has priority over use of the siege, so they can take control of any siege they put down except golems.

Which map should I join?

Choose any map, go to it and if you don’t see any  commanders or anything interesting then switch maps. It’s important to note that the maps and players are going to be changing all the time, so you have to be prepared to do so as well. Many servers may choose to hold one or two maps throughout the week because they don’t have enough to field big enough zergs on every map. Consolidating forces to one map may produce a queue at times, so be prepared to queue up while you are fighting on another borderland. Sometimes a force will hop maps often to defend objectives, so it helps to be on their teamspeak or ventrilo to know where the enemies are.

How do I claim a supply camp, tower, or keep for my guild?

Talk to the Guild Claimer. Of the people that secured the objective, a majority of the people must be representing your guild. You can only claim one thing at a time on the map, whether it be a supply camp or keep. The purpose of claiming anything it to apply fortification buffs that have been activated in the guild panel. If your guild has claimed something, then no one else can claim that objective until you claim something else. You can see who has claimed what on http://gw2tracker.net/wvw/map.

How much supply do I have?

Click for understanding.

Click for understanding.

How much supply does this place have?

See picture above.

How can I tell if something is under attack?

If there are white swords on any objective, then it has entered into combat. If you attack any NPC in a supply camp, then it will be under attack and if you do damage to any wall or door on a tower or keep then it will be under attack. The under attack event lasts 3 minutes and prevents waypoints from being used.

What gear should I use in WvW?

You should use whatever gear and build that gets the job done for what you are doing. If you are roaming, doing small man groups, or running solo then you need small group builds and gear. If you are doing large scale combat, then you should have a gearset and build meant for your purpose. Typically, fights last longer with more people involved, so the it helps to have more long term survivability than necessary for small group combat. Gear with Toughness and Vitality is a core component in many WvW gearsets. You can buy gear with badges and gold at the Master Armorsmith.

Where is everyone?

If you can’t find any friendlies or enemies, then the map may be deserted. Some guilds like to fight without a commander pin, because they like to fight without other friendlies getting in the way. Don’t be afraid to change maps. If it is a lopsided match then not as many people will be playing.  Matches begin on Friday nights, and sometimes a server takes a large lead over the weekend and people play less and less during the week which causes the last few days of the match to be fairly boring on a regular basis.

What class is most needed?

Every class can find a use, but it may change from patch to patch. The core of large group combat relies on guardians and warriors, with elementalists for static/water/fire  fields and necromancers for AOE damage. Mesmers are used for veil, pulls, and portals. Thieves are used for killing stragglers, general harass, field blasting, and scouting. Engineers are good for long range harass and general aoe damage and a water field. Rangers fill almost the exact same role as Engineers in that they do decent harass and have a water field. Rangers and Engineers are usually the least useful, and are typically left out- however they are still powerful at certain times.

For smaller group and solo combat, any class is viable. Typically, mobility is king- so any class but the necromancer or mesmer is preferred, but they are still valuable tools- just not the fastest ones.

Why is the veteran supervisor invincible?

After any objective is taken, the supervisor, tower lord, or keep lord is invulnerable to all damage and will hit harder for 5 minutes. You can see the timers for their invulnerability buff (Righteous Indignation) here and here. Or you can use an overlay described in the Tools and Links section of this site here.

How many points is it for killing a Dolyak?

From the April 30th patch notes: “Killing a supply dolyak now awards 3 points to the team that lands the deathblow.” Previously, it gave points for everyone that tagged the dolyak.

How many points is it for taking a sentry?

One point for the server that gets the sentry. It is given shortly after the circle is capped.

What do I do without a commander?

If you don’t see a commander, then there might be a force on the map that doing combat without a commander pin. If you are interested in joining them, then I suggest asking politely if you can join them on their teamspeak for directions. Switch maps if you want to find a commander, but there is no guarantee of finding one. If you are interested in commanding, then you can buy a Commander’s Compendium at the Merchant for 100 gold or put in a buy order on the trading post to buy from people that accidentally bought one. You don’t need a commander to take the ruins, camps, or towers.  About 1/3rd of the score is from killing dolyaks (3 pts each) and taking sentries (1 pt each).

How do I keep up with the zerg?

The best way to stay speedy is to try to keep a swiftness buff active as much as possible and using your gap closing abilities to leap forward. Be sure to turn off autotargetting in the options menu so your leap doesn’t send you towards a nearby NPC. Staying out of combat is key to keeping up to the commander, so don’t attack anything if you want to go as fast as possible.

What are orange swords markers on the map?

Orange swords denote a battle involving 25 or more people. If 20 people are fighting 5 people, then it will cause swords. NPC’s do not count as players, so 24 people attacking a door will not cause orange swords. Every team can see orange swords on the map they are on. The orange swords appear in the general area of combat, and if there are several battles in one area then the swords may appear in between them. Orange swords do not cause structures to enter combat, only white swords caused by attacks on the structure can do that.

How does reset on Friday work?

The server kicks everyone out of wvw and then the scoreboard goes down to 0. When the score resets, everyone spams the portals in Lion’s Arch to enter the borderland they want for the next match.

How do I check my ping?

For windows: press the start button type resmon. Or press Windows Key + R and enter resmon and hit run.
In the game, type /ip and you will be given an ip address for the zone which you can see the ping for in the resource monitor. There are three different gw2 pings, because some are for the login server.


How do I improve my latency?

Stop torrents. Stop netflix. Stop everything but Guildwars 2. If you need better latency, there are a few programs such as battle ping and wfast, but they both cost money per month after their trial. If you think your ISP is throttling your bandwidth for certain ports (gw2 uses 6112), then check this out to change it. If others are also lagging then it could be the server.

How do I improve my FPS?

First, you should close all unnecessary programs. Second, you should turn down your graphics settings in game. WvW is demanding, so it will take quite a lot of processing power to handle everything. The shadows, reflections, character model limit, and character model quality are the primary toggles for gaining more FPS in large battles. The Effect LOD, when enabled will also raise FPS, but at the cost of not showing all spell effects such as water fields so it is best to keep it unchecked.

When should I repair?

Repairing is a lot like triage, you can take supply to repair but then you may not have enough to build siege to defend the attack. If any building is under attack, the immediate response should be to either build something to kill the enemy siege weapon, or to build siege to kill the enemies as they come inside. Repairing the wall will delay an attack, so it is helpful in that sense, but if you are repairing alone then you could be wasting supply. If you grab supply from supply camps however, then you are free to repair as you wish. Repairing is negligible if something is about to upgrade, so if the walls or doors are about to get fully upgraded then you don’t need to repair. After you defeat the enemy or their siege, then it is a good time to repair because weakened walls or doors invite attack from the enemy.

Why didn’t I get credit?

Sometimes you just don’t. It’s buggy. Normally, you can get credit by killing certain guards/archers or the champion tower/keep lord or supervisor. If you don’t kill anything, but stand in the circle to cap it, then you ‘should’ get credit. You should also get credit for doing sufficient damage against walls or doors, but that is the more buggy than other ways and doesn’t give credit often. If you want credit for taking a sentry, then the veteran sentry must be killed and the circle must be captured- and you can get credit by getting kill credit and letting someone else capture the circle or by capturing the circle yourself. You will get credit for defending a structure if you kill any attackers (players) or you repair any wall/door while it is under attack.

Why did the enemy rally?

Any player can rally after downed if they get kill credit from any player or npc. This is why many people don’t like to play with low level characters that can’t survive long. If you are dying, try to tag some animals or guards and kill them in downstate to revive.

As someone who just started out in WvW. What should I focus my WXP upgrades on?

See this page for details on WXP upgrades. http://wvwstrategy.net/wxp-ranks/

How can I invite enemies into my party?

Target them and type /invite or target them and press P (by default) to invite.

How can I tell if there is a queue on the map I am on?

While you are on the map, you can check to see if there is a queue by attempting to queue for it in the drop down menu. If you can queue, then there is a queue and if you get an error message then there is no queue.

Can a solo roamer have any impact on the score?

Yes! See my basic roaming guide here: http://wvwstrategy.net/roam/

Is it possible to queue for multiple maps?

No. If you queue for red borderland, and then change your mind and queue for blue then you will no longer be in queue for red. You can however, join a map that doesn’t have a queue while you are in queue. So if you are queued for red borderland, but blue borderland doesn’t have a queue then you can join blue and not lose your queue.

Where are the watergates?

Each keep in the eternal battlegrounds has a hidden gate, see here for specifics. (coming soon)

How much supply does it take to build siege?

See here for siege details.

How do I know when I should take supply?

You should take supply if:

  • You really need it.
  • The keep or tower has a lot of it.
  • You need it to immediately build siege to counter other siege.
  • A commander that knows what he or she is doing tells you to.
  • You don’t care about the tower or keep and it is going to be taken shortly anyways.

What do I buy with badges?

You can buy exotic armor and weapons from a Armor Master and Weapon Master. There are other merchants that are weapon traders, but they will sell lesser quality items. You can also buy armor skins also found in PVE (mostly from karma merchants) for 5-60 badges. Warning: There is an Armor Trader that sells exotic invader’s armor that is only level 70, but it costs only badges. Make sure you are buying from the right merchant. You can also by lvl 80 rare, masterwork, or common armor with karma from the Karma Trader. You can also buy discounted ascended accessories, rings, and amulets.

Skin choices: Duelist, Supple, Devout, Pit Fighter, Rawhide, Dry Bones, Plated, Warden, Stately, Dark, Conquest, and Tactical.

Weapon prices: Axe, dagger, focus, mace, pistol, scepter, shield, sword, torch, warhorn,  are 1g and 132 badges. Greatsword, hammer, harpoon, longbow, staff, speargun, trident and shortbow are 1g and 198 badges.

Armor prices: Head is 88s and 150 badges. Shoulders are 94s and 165 badges. Chest is 1g and 200 badges. Legs are 96s and 185 badges. Feet are 86s and 130 badges.

Armor and weapon choices:

Invaders (PVT), Knights (TPP), Carrion (CondiPV), Clerics (HPT), Berserker (PPCrit), Rabid, (CondiPT).

Amulet (PVT only): 88s and 150 badges

Ring (PVT only): 94s and 165 badges

Accessory (PVT only): 94s and 200 badges.

When do I use a WXP booster?

Try to use your WXP when you know you are going to spend a full hour in WvW, or you might waste some of it in Lion’s Arch or wherever. The highest WXP rewards are from taking Stonemist and Keeps. Many servers run WXP trains and Thursdays and Fridays for massive WXP gain. WXP Boosters do not boost any wxp gain from wxp consumables. It does stack with outmanned/outnumbered buff and increases wxp gain from killing guards and all events in WvW. Stacks with the Birthday Booster for 150% WXP gain.

Does the enemy get credit for my death if I disconnect?

Yes, they get loot and WXP if you Alt-F4 out or disconnect. If you are in queue for a map and the queue pops and you leave the map, then you do not die and they don’t get credit.

Why do player kills give me different amounts of WXP?

The longer you stay alive, the more WXP you are worth. The limit goes up to 60 WXP per player, but rewards can be increased with outnumbered buff.

What can I get from rank up chests?

Any exotic that isn’t unique to dungeons/world bosses. You can get precursers like Dusk etc. Ascended weapons, and rings are possible rewards. You are guaranteed two items of green quality or greater and a chance of getting siege or trap and a random amount of silver that is usually around 15-30 silver.


How do I make superior siege?

Just put the ingredients into the mystic forge. Here are the ingredients for each.

Why am I sometimes stuck and unable to move?

There are two stuck bugs in WvW. One, when you build siege and you can’t move after you build or attempt to build. This is fixed by swapping/switching weapons or using a transform ability. The second stuck bug occurs in combat and the cause is unknown. It is not fixed by swapping weapons, but is fixed by typing /sit or /dance or other similar commands which lets your character go free. You can’t cast any spells while stuck.

How do I join a commander’s squad?

Left click on his or her commander pin and choose Join Squad.

How do I leave a commander’s squad?

Press P to bring up the party UI and press the leave button. You will not see other commanders while part of a squad.

Does magic find have any effect on my drops in WvW?

Yes, magic find will improve your drops in WvW. It has no effect on rank up chests or league rewards. It is unknown whether it helps when getting WXP consumables from random drops.

Do I get credit for completing an event if I am on another map when it completes?

No, the event completion will only work if you are on the map when the event completes. You can leave maps and come back and get credit however if you are there when it completes.

Do Supply Traps work if I leave the map?

No. The conditions for a supply trap are:

  • You must be on the map with your trap. The trap despawns if you leave.
  • You can only have one supply trap active.
  • You cannot be blinded when it activates or it will have no effect.
  • It will subtract 5 supply from 10 random enemies in a 1,200 radius.
  • Supply traps do not activate  from pets or non-player characters.

Do WXP boosters affect consumables? What about outnumbered buff?

All WXP consumables are unaffected by all boosters and the outnumbered buff as of October 1st 2013.

When does Siegerazer appear?

When you lose all of your towers and keeps on a map, then siegerazer should spawn after a few minutes. In Eternal Battlegrounds and in the Citdadel of homemaps, it is possible to have two Siegerazers spawn.

How do I get supply from Siegerazer?

When Siegerazer spawns, he has an orange circle around him to show players where he is. If 10 people stand on him, then he will start an event in which he will move out in 60 seconds- and you can see the timer in the event in the top right. After 60 seconds, he gives everyone in a small area around him as much supply as they can carry and he will move out. If you succeed in taking a tower with Siegerazer, then he will place 100 supply in the tower after it is taken.

Where can I see patchnotes?


 How do I refresh siege?

Simply use any siege to refresh the despawn timer on siege. Stand next to the siege and press f. You do not need to fire it or use any skills while using it, simply get on the siege and hop off. You can see the despawn timer for your team’s siege by it’s name on the top of your screen when you have the siege selected.

Why are people asking for timers?

When a keep is under attack, you cannot waypoint to it except for a brief moment when the attack/defend event ends and there is a small amount of time in which players can use the waypoint. Camps also have timers in which a supervisor (and any tower/keep lord) will be invulnerable for 5 minutes after it is flipped by a server.

This waypoint will be open in 2:46 according to the timer.

This waypoint will be open in 2:46 according to the timer.

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