Basic Leading Tips

A good commander is a leader. The best commanders have the best troops, but a bad commander will never be able to command even the best troops effectively. If you want to be a good commander then you will need to learn the maps so you can siege well, learn the people you are commanding so you know their abilities, and know how to deal with your enemies. The best way to learn these things is to learn from a better commander. Watch who they talk to, what they do, where they go, why they do it, and who they run with.


First, you need supply. If you have people following you then it is important to know what your capabilities are, and you are going to be more capable at defending and going on the offence with more supply. You can get 10 supply for each person by starting a breakout event with siegerazer on any map that you have lost all your towers and keeps by simply standing near him with 10 people and waiting 60 seconds when the timer starts. You can also get supply from any tier 3 keeps (fortified keeps) that are full of supply from other maps. You can waypoint to a keep, take supply, and waypoint back to your map.


Siege. Learn to know when to use siege from good commanders and you will learn how not to waste siege and supply. Recognize that if you are trying to take a keep or tower with reinforced doors or reinforced walls or fortified walls that it will take much longer to get things done. Superior siege is almost necessary unless you are stacked with supply and manpower if you want to take upgraded buildings. Siege placement is imperative for attacking and defending, so try to put your rams at maximum distance from the gate and be ready to take down enemy arrow carts with your own arrow carts and ballistas. Never be afraid to throw down golems and take it to the heart of the enemy if you think they are preoccupied or switching maps.


Objectives. Always take objectives you know you can take and defend important keeps and towers when they are under attack. If your keep is wooden, then you should know that it is vulnerable and if anyone attacks it then it could go down very fast. Be ready to take your zerg to defend at a moment’s notice. If you place scouts at your keeps then you can defend them faster.  You cannot do long drawn out sieges without the risk of losing your own towers and keeps, so get them ready for defense before you go on the offense. However, if your enemy wants to trade your unupgraded keep for their upgraded keep then consider your choices and take the trade. You also do not need to defend everything you take. If you flip fortified keeps or towers to paper, then it will be vulnerable for hours. After you win a large battle, be aware of where the enemy can respawn and where they will go.


Weaken the enemy. You don’t always need to attack and take an objective, sometimes you can attack and make the enemy waste their supply. A keep with 1,700 supply will be much harder to take than a keep with 0 supply. Once an enemy is drained of supply, they will be thin on siege and unable to repair fully which keeps them on the defensive while you upgrade your keeps and towers and prepare for your next attack.


Talk and support your followers. Use your VOIP and let others join you, otherwise you will be frustrated when you have to type out everything that needs to be done and they don’t read the chat. If they talk too much, then let them know. If you can get to know them, they you can get to know which has which wxp mastery so you can use them for different things. Pay attention to who listens and who doesn’t so you can help them improve.

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