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Leagues are coming. October 18

What do we know? Everything we know about the new leagues system comes from this blogpost and this followup blogpost. Important quotes: “Each world will be matched up with each other world in their league at least once over the course of the season.”   “At the conclusion of the season, the worlds will be […]


Quaggans have no graves.

The Bloodlust Buff – What It Could Be 2

Implementation From A Player’s Perspective In order to introduce any mechanic into an MMO, I imagine that developers must make sure what they are introducing meets certain criteria. I am not a dev or anything but amateur, but below I have some sample guidelines that I consider good for development. First of all, it cannot […]

Flame Ram Mastery Details

Screenshots are from borderlands preview found here by Hugh Norfolk.   Rank 1: (5 points) Gain Iron Hide while interacting with the flame ram.   Rank 2: (15 points) Flame Blast now applies Structural Vulnerability to gates.   New debuff… makes the gate take 1% damage for every stack applied. Rank 3: (30 points) Reduce […]

flame ram mastery all


New Borderlands Map Changes

  Features: We get five new capture points on each borderlands map. New unique terrain with master cannon (takes 10 supply to build). Bloodlust Buff which stacks up to three times – one for every borderland and will work for every borderland including EB. This means stomps could potentially reward a server up to 3 […]