Tequatl Rising – WvW Changes – First Impressions

Patchnotes here.

The patchnotes for WvW:

World vs. World

  • Introducing Bloodlust in the Borderlands:
    • The lake in the center of the Borderlands maps has been replaced with new ruins of power.
    • To make way for the ruins, the quaggan and krait have been removed entirely, as well as all the content related to them.
    • The five ruins have unique art, and each contains a capture point that ties into the Borderlands Bloodlust buff.
    • If players can hold three or more of the ruins simultaneously for two minutes, all players currently in WvW on that world will receive one stack of the Borderlands Bloodlust buff, to a maximum of three stacks.
    • Every stack of the buff applies +50 to all stats, healing power, and condition damage. In addition, using a finisher on an enemy player while under the effects of the buff will award one point to the player’s world.
    • The buff is not removed until players on an opposing world can capture and hold three or more of the five ruins for two minutes and acquire the buff for themselves.
    • Control of the capture points at the ruins will slowly decay if no players from any team remain to defend them, until the ruins revert to neutral control.
    • Each ruin has a master cannon build site. The site is controlled by the team that holds the ruin and requires 10 supply to build a cannon, which can be used for defending the point.
    • Two sentry points have been added to the area around the ruins.
  • Flame Ram Mastery has been added to the Rank and Abilities tab.
    • Gain Iron Hide (damage reduction) while using the Flame Ram.
    • Flame Blast now applies Structural Vulnerability (1% increased damage) to gates.
    • Reduced the recharge of Flame Ram skills.
    • New skill: Impact Slam—Applies damage to the gate and launches any enemy trying to repair the door.
    • New skill: Iron Will—Applies Iron Hide to allies in a small area.

World vs. World Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the defend event at Lowlands Keep in the Eternal Battlegrounds to prevent the event from failing on the death of the keep lord.
  • Fixed a bug with multiple supply camp capture points in the Eternal Battlegrounds that caused AI to attack an invisible enemy.
  • Adjusted the shape of a capture point at Rogue’s Quarry in the Eternal Battlegrounds to better fit the terrain.
  • Fixed the spawn of a missing outfitter merchant in the Blue Keep in the Red World Borderlands map.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to get trapped in walls when trying to repair them.

The Good


The new terrain is pretty polished and really well designed aesthetically.

•The amount of land they added is impressive and really makes the map feel different.
•The differences in the verticality adds more dynamics to fighting that wasn’t present in the flat plains around the map. The variety of textures makes each bloodlust point (5 of them) look visually distinct and each plays fairly differently.The borderlands feel more fleshed out now with the lack of the lake.

The new midpoints give roamers and small groups something to do and help get points for the server.

The Bloodlust Buff forces new strategies and less pugs follow zerg balls because the ones who enjoy small group stuff have more opportunities to do so.

The Bloodlust Buff gives incentive for players to kill other players beyond loot for the stomp point.

New permanent Vigil Megalaser Finisher available for 700 gems.

Guild Message of the Day can be edited instead of replaced and it can be longer now.

The Controversial


New Trebuchet and Catapault locations for hitting Garrison, Bay, and the south towers in the borderlands.

Old Trebuchet location for hitting Bay from Garrison blocked by new rocks.

Flame Ram Mastery line added which let’s players cast a Iron Hide spell with a ram which reduces all damage to 50 nearby people by 50% for 3 seconds. Not limited to door areas and works on Golems.

Rogues Quarry supply camp in Eternal Battlegrounds has a new capture box now.


The Bad

Sunnyhill Tower’s Door is now invisible (reinforced by Wonder Woman’s plane).



Bloodlust Buff gives 50, 100, or 150 bonus points to power, precision, toughness, vitality, condition damage, and healing power. The buff applies to your server’s npcs as well as players. I will make a page in the basics section explaining how it works.

This is making it very hard to coordinate Guild vs. Guild since the buffs can potentially unbalance the matches. The buff is also in the Obsidian Sanctum (EB JP).

Some fights don’t feel fair if you win with a huge buff or lose without the buff. Feels unfair at times. Small scale and large scale fights are affected.

EB is empty and probably will be for a week or so. I suspect it is like this on every server, but maybe not.

The bloodlust buff caused lag for 24 hours+ after the patch and made it nearly unplayable. The extreme lag discouraged several veteran WvW players that were looking forward to the patch, as well as ruining the experience for new players trying out the WvW gametype. The lack of response on the forums about it was also frustrating because it took several hours just to get a reply that Arenanet knew about it.

Less people are caring about PPT beyond stomps since the Bloodlust Buff zones are new and fighting for PPT now feels more like work.

Personal Thoughts

The overall patch seems like two step forwards, one step back to me. I really love the new borderlands besides the animals that still run around, but the new ram mastery and Bloodlust is potentially damaging for the overall fairness of the game. The ram mastery seems really overpowered since the Iron Hide buff seems to be much more than the stated 300 range and the buff is not limited to 5 people. “Iron Hide (3s): -50% Incoming Damage. Number of Targets: 50″. This seems absurd to me, but we will see if it gets nerfed or they up the cost of rams to prevent open field fighting with rams. It makes golems much harder to kill with this buff and I hope it gets nerfed soon.

At first, WvW was unplayable due to warping lag whenever we got the Bloodlust buff, but it was fixed after about 24 hours (which seems really slow for such a severe bug). The buff itself actually does affect the points more than I thought, but I need data to see. http://gw2tracker.net/wvw/stats should have some interesting stats to look at soon. The Bloodlust buff is simply a ton of stats and I hope it gets toned down, because we all love WvW for the fights and this seems to just reward the server with the most people to spare. The buff is so controversial that I am surprised it wasn’t changed or delayed. The stomping part of the buff is nice because it rewards players for fighting others and winning, but it does favor some classes over others in small group combat. Maybe if there was a better visual cue for earning a point for your server then there would be more incentive to stomp someone while having the buff active.


The maps really are great though. I particularly like the broken arena that was added (shown in the second picture below). As far as balance goes, it remains the be seen just yet. I tested a catapault from the top tower in the south east bloodlust point and the catapault shot despawned before hitting the ground at vulnerable wall (will work at a lower point), but a Treb could clear all siege there easily. Catapaults can also hit south middle east outer walls of Bay keep from the southwest Bloodlust point (arena). The watergate at garrison can also be trebucheted, as well as the water wall on Bay keep – which is pretty interesting. The only part of the maps I don’t like are the master cannons, which seem to encourage players to stick around too much and camp areas. I like that the points neutralize themselves quickly, since it helps stimulate map teamwork and movement from point to point. It feels like the sPvP team worked on the points with the WvW team on this one! ;) Nice job on the terrain guys!


Overall, I can’t wait to see what comes next. I really hope that we see some changes to Bloodlust that leaves room for GvG and fair fights.


Some pictures of the new areas:


gw589gw597  gw596 gw603gw602gw594gw593


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