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The Bloodlust Buff – What It Could Be 2

Implementation From A Player’s Perspective In order to introduce any mechanic into an MMO, I imagine that developers must make sure what they are introducing meets certain criteria. I am not a dev or anything but amateur, but below I have some sample guidelines that I consider good for development. First of all, it cannot […]

Quaggans have no graves.

flame ram mastery all

Flame Ram Mastery Details

Screenshots are from borderlands preview found here by Hugh Norfolk.   Rank 1: (5 points) Gain Iron Hide while interacting with the flame ram.   Rank 2: (15 points) Flame Blast now applies Structural Vulnerability to gates.   New debuff… makes the gate take 1% damage for every stack applied. Rank 3: (30 points) Reduce […]

New Borderlands Map Changes

  Features: We get five new capture points on each borderlands map. New unique terrain with master cannon (takes 10 supply to build). Bloodlust Buff which stacks up to three times – one for every borderland and will work for every borderland including EB. This means stomps could potentially reward a server up to 3 […]