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What is GvG?

GvG is a gametype created by players that is based off the GvG gametype in Guild Wars 1. GvG is a team deathmatch between two teams from different worlds.  A typical GvG is a best of seven and the first guild to win four rounds wins. A team wins a round when the opposing team […]

Rune Charts for WvW

  Power Runes Rune of (the) 1 Rune Bonus 2 Rune Bonus 3 Rune Bonus 4 Rune Bonus 5 Rune Bonus 6 Rune Bonus Fine Print Baelfire +25 power +15% burning duration +50 power 5% chance to gain vigor for 10s when hit. (cooldown: 30s) +90 power 5% chance to cause a fire nova when […]

Beginner’s Guide to Roaming and Havoc Groups

What is roaming? Roaming is when you and your group work together to cause havoc on your map in order to delay and annoy your enemy. It involves taking camps, killing dolyaks, and contesting objectives as well as small group pvp. I highly recommend using an overlay to see camp timers.     Small things […]


food buff

Food Guide for the Hungry

Get hungry. Get Loot bags. Let’s talk about consumables in World vs. World. First of all, it’s important to know that there are several types of foods available and they can all be cooked up or bought on the auction house. If you want to cook them, then I suggest looking at the recipes on […]

Leagues are coming. October 18

What do we know? Everything we know about the new leagues system comes from this blogpost and this followup blogpost. Important quotes: “Each world will be matched up with each other world in their league at least once over the course of the season.”   “At the conclusion of the season, the worlds will be […]


WvW Videos from Around 9/25

This is still in beta and format is likely to change. Below are sample videos. If you see your video here that you want removed, please contact me immediately and I will remove it. Roaming Guild vs. Guild Small Group Fights Medium/Large Group Fights Commentary Small Group Tutorial Comdedic Short